Pinks chapter 6

Here is Pinks chapter 6

Batoto manga reader link is here:


2 thoughts on “Pinks chapter 6

  1. Are you still looking for a proofreader for Pinks (only)? I’ve helped others in the past as a wordsmith helping Proofreaders where english is not their ‘native tongue’ to understand their way around the variations in pronouncing the English (Australian) language. I don’t look for or ask for publicity though, so you will not find my name anywhere although i’ve been involved with manga since everything was done on tracing paper and letraset for screentones. Getting too old for that now with arthritus but still help a few circles out with ideas. Getting a bit bored so I thought I could again help one or two that interest me in proofreading.


    1. Hi, we have a fast proofreader for Pinks right now, so please expect more releases soon. We have enough proofreaders right now, and I am not sure if you like our other works except for Pinks. We mostly work on Shoujo manhwa these days. If you leave your name and email address here.
      I will get back to you when we need more proofreaders. Thank you for your interest and have a nice day.


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